ABA Therapist Jobs + Employment

Behavior TLC is always accepting employment resumes for the positions below. We are an ABA facility with a diverse population of clients and staff devoted to providing the highest quality Applied Behavior Analysis interventions to those families seeking support. Behavior TLC offers competitive compensation, closed on all major holidays, no travel required, medical and dental benefits, and a respectful work environment where autonomy is valued and encouraged. We are always looking for people who are:

  • Dedicated to helping families with special needs
  • Caring and compassionate individuals

  • Motivated to continuously learn and grow in their position and the field of ABA

  • Excellent communicators and enjoy working with families and coworkers

  • Strong values with an emphasis on responsibility and accountability

If you possess these qualities please consider applying to be a part of our growing BTLC family.  We accept all experience levels and will provide you the training you need to excel in this company.

Please review below positions. Then email your resume and cover letter to lbarrachina@behaviortlc.com

NOW HIRING! Registered Behavior Technician

The Registered Behavior Technician provides Applied Behavior Analysis services to clients and families in the day program center and community.

Duties can include:

*Skills assessments such as VB-MAPP or ABLLS-R
*Behavioral assessments
*Implementation of BCBA-approved behavior intervention plans
*Implementation of BCBA-approved skill acquisition programming
*Regular supervision from a BTLC-approved BCBA
*Clerical work in the form of:
– Keeping track of personal time card
– Session notes
– Maintenance of client programming
– Other duties as assigned

Possible Job Requirements in addition to those above:

*Provide training to staff and parents
*Complete regular administrative and caseload duties such as case management
*In some cases, take on consultation cases for in-homes, clinic, and community
*Continue to participate in regular training sessions
*Provide training to newer employees
*Cleaning/janitorial duties in the office/clinic areas
*Physically care for clients including toilet training and/or changing diapers
*Possible contact with bodily fluids such as saliva, mucus, urine, bowel movements, and blood
*Employee must be physically able to lift 35 lbs. on a daily basis, squat, be up and down from the floor multiple times per hour and run for at least 25 yards
*Possible travel throughout the Houston area

Behavior Technician

The behavior technician is our direct therapist working one-on-one with our clients.  This position does not require any experience, we provide all training.

Lead ABA Therapist Assistant

The Lead Therapist Assistant is a therapist with 6+ months of ABA experience, has a desire to pursue higher education in ABA, has shown proficiency in delivering quality ABA intervention, and is the stepping block towards the Lead Therapist position.  This position continues to provide direct one-on-one ABA services while also gathering training experience in managing a caseload including choosing targets, writing reports, and training a team.

Lead ABA Therapist

The Lead Therapist is a therapist with 1+ year of ABA experience, has a desire to pursue higher education in ABA, and has shown proficiency in Lead Therapist Assistant requirements.

ABA Therapist Jobs + Employment