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Our BCBA’s are ready to provide support and help for Autism, Asperger’s, speech delays, special needs, and other developmental, intellectual, or behavioral disabilities. Our clinic-based ABA Therapy Clear Lake program creates an environment where children with autism can learn the skills and behaviors they need to succeed socially, academically, and in many other aspects of life.

At Behavior TLC, we believe it’s important to teach children using positive reinforcement to encourage, build confidence, and motivate clients to succeed. Therefore, our first form of treatment will always be to positively reinforce appropriate behaviors rather than focus on negative behaviors.

Our ABA Therapy Services Include:

Behavior TLC has helped a wide range of children with different developmental disabilities. So, if you feel your child could benefit from our treatment give us a call today. Our BCBA’s will develop an ABA plan tailored to help your child to succeed to their full potential.

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It’s never too late or too early to begin making progress with behavior therapy. The earlier the intervention, the better the results. Your child will likely learn differently than others, but with the right treatment and encouragement, they will be able to make academic and social achievements in their unique way.

Clear Lake Location

A diagnosis is not required to apply for admission (although it will be required for your insurance company to reimburse ABA therapy expenses – see FAQ’s below.)

Phone: 281-461-6888
1001 Pineloch Drive, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77062

Jennifer C. Strickland, Behavior Analyst

Jennifer C. Strickland, MA, BCBA, LBA


Jennifer Strickland is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst from Houston, Texas.  Jennifer received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.  She then attended the University of Houston-Clear Lake where she received her Master’s degree in Psychology as well as her certification in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Jennifer has treatment experience in home based ABA programs, clinical day schools, non-profit and county organized consultation services, and public schools.  Jennifer has worked with the Texas young Autism Project, Aim High Academy, MHMRA’s ABA-SkIP, and Clear Creek ISD.  She has extensive experience and training in direct ABA services with children and with parent training. She has lead large group trainings, symposiums and workshops. Jennifer has experience managing direct care staff, and running day program clinics.


John Pugh, Behavior Analyst

John Pugh, MA, BCBA, LBA


John Pugh is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst living in League City, Texas. He began his career in 1998 working as a camp counselor for children with special needs. Since that time, John has received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Missouri Southern State University.  Master of Arts in Behavior Analysis from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.
John’s experience has included day and residential summer camps for children and adults with disabilities. He has provided in home behavior training to children and their families. John has provided behavior analysis in clinical settings, and conducted ABA workshops. He has also provided behavior analytic services to several school districts. John has received specific training in the treatment of severe behavior disorders from Munroe-Myer Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.


Lourdes Barrachina-Lemus Behavior Analyst

Lourdes Barrachina-Lemus, MA, BCBA, LBA

Clinic Director

Lourdes Barrachina-Lemus is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst from El Salvador. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Houston. Then, she went on to receive her masters degree in Behavior Analysis from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Lourdes began her career at MHMRA in Houston, Texas. There, she gained experience in individualized ABA therapy in a day program setting. She also handled In-home services and parent training as well. After graduation, Lourdes went back home to El Salvador and worked in private practice for five years. She gained experience in supervision and training during that time.  Lourdes came back to Texas in 2014 to work for Behavior TLC. She is now the BCBA and case manager for the majority of clients at the ABA Therapy Clear Lake office.


Photo of: Danielle Dupuis - BTLC Clear Lake BCBA and Grand Oak Academy BCBA

Danielle Dupuis, MA, BCBA, LBA

Assistant Director & Behavior Analyst

Danielle Dupuis is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst from Lafayette, Louisiana. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Following this, she earned her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.
Danielle gained experience as a therapist in the Applied Behavior Analysis-Skills Early Intervention Program (ABA-SkIP) at the Center of Autism and Developmental Delays creating interventions for children with autism. S Danielle also worked alongside teachers as a behavioral consultant in Clear Creek Independent School District to assist teachers in managing problem behaviors.

Lissette Espinoza - Grand Oak Academy Teacher

Lissette Espinoza, M.Ed., BCBA

Assistant Director, BCBA and Instructional Coordinator

Lissette is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst from Houston, TX. She also holds a teaching certification in Early Childhood through 6th-grade education and a Special Education certification in Early Childhood through 12th grade. Lissette started her career teaching in 2012 and has 6 years of teaching experience. She taught all subject areas, facilitated social inclusion clubs at her campus, and was awarded First Year Teacher of the Year in 2014. She earned her Master’s degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Sam Houston State University in 2018. She currently serves Grand Oak Academy as a BCBA and Instructional Coordinator, where she trains teachers and oversees the classroom curriculum.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a data-driven intervention to change behavior using scientific research methods. While ABA is most commonly implemented for those on the Autism spectrum, ABA therapy is proven to help with all ranges of behavioral issues.

ABA therapy works by changing the environment and behaviors to help increase speech, gross and fine motor skills, self-help skills, receptive language, and social skills. By increasing these skills and helping our clients adapt to their environment, they are more successful in interacting with those around them. These skills then assist with decreasing undesirable behaviors such as aggression, repetitive behaviors, disruptive behavior, self-harm behaviors, and other behaviors that prevent them from being part of their community. ABA is focused on continuous data collection to ensure that we are making a true change in our client’s lives.

Hopefully soon! In the summer of 2019, Governor Abbott signed into law Texas Medicaid funding for ABA therapy. BUT, clinics such as Behavior TLC are still not able to provide services through Medicaid as they have not established a contracting process. Once there is a contracting process, we will apply to become credentialed with Texas State Medicaid. Then, as soon as we are able to provide ABA services through Medicaid we will be sure to announce it! Here is the link to the Texas ABA Public Policy Group.

Yes, most major insurance companies will offer ABA coverage for those children who have an ASD diagnosis. Many insurance companies are also covering in-house and telehealth ABA therapies during COVID-19 concerns. Every plan is different, please contact us today and we can verify your insurance coverage for you.

All children in the state of Texas with an ASD diagnosis are excused from public school to attend ABA therapy with a school excuse note from the clinic. Private schools with ABA principles, such as our very own Grand Oak Academy, are also available to parents to ensure that children with autism, speech delays, or other types of developmental disabilities receive a quality education at a comfortable pace.