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Top Autism & Sensory-Friendly Places to Visit in Houston

As a family with children on the Autism Spectrum, you know how difficult it can be to enjoy an outing when there are too many people or noises that make it hard for your child to have fun and enjoy themselves. But have no fear! The Greater Houston area has plenty of autism-friendly events and activities available – take a look at our list of local, sensory-friendly places where your family can have a great time and feel included in the fun!

The FOMO Factory Houston

With the magic of childhood lost on us as adults, we often crave something new and exciting in our everyday lives. The FOMO Factory strives to bring back that sense of wonder, awe, and fun we tend to lose as we get older. In this immersive pop-up shop, you can shamelessly take selfies with our new art forms and play like never before! Inspired by modern-day environments, this sensory-friendly space allows all to float through 17 different spaces including birthday parties, playgrounds, and school dances. You’ll never forget your childhood memories after visiting the FOMO Factory, they will have you feeling like a kid again as well as an opportunity for some retail therapy in between!


Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences is always looking for ways to make all visitors more comfortable, that’s why they have sensory backpacks available at Museum Services! These bags come with fidget tools and stuffed animals so visitors can take their mind off overstimulation if need be, as well as ear defenders or sunglasses – whatever would suit what makes it hard on days when there are just too many sounds around us all day long (we hear that happens sometimes). Don’t forget – check the HMNS schedule ahead of time before coming to visit so you can access the sensory-friendly guides, games, and scheduled activities.


Children’s Museum of Houston

The Children’s Museum of Houston has been a long-time favorite destination for families on the go! They offer so many great exhibits and activities for all children and families, it’s never too early or late in your day to stop by! Be sure to check their website for special sensory-friendly days and events.


Main Street Theatre

This is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to enjoy live theater! Main Street Theatre is able to provide modified performances on selected days, tailored just for children with disabilities and special needs in this area. With these Sensory-Friendly/Relaxed shows, you will have access to not only what they can see, but hear as well – making your experience all that much better!


Nasa – Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is now a CERTIFIED Autism center! Space curators have implemented special training for staff along with inspections and improvements to accommodate children, adults, and families of all abilities. One of the coolest things about Space Center Houston is its reduced sensory areas where visitors can experience science and space exploration without feeling too overwhelmed by their surroundings. These calm, dark spaces make even loud noises like rockets easy to handle for those who have trouble processing information through touch or sight!


We Rock the Spectrum – Houston

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is committed to providing an environment where children can explore their world without fear. When it’s time to have some fun, We Rock the Spectrum is there for you with plenty of sensory-safe equipment and activities for your special needs children; all the way to providing you a “break” with multiple levels of child care involvement for both parents and kids. 


AMC Theatres (3 Houston locations)

The Autism Society has partnered up with AMC Theatres to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience. AMC is dimming the lights and turning down sound so that people on any spectrum can get up close and personal (or as personal as they dare) while watching their favorite movies! This new Sensory Friendly Film program will be available on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. Be sure to check out their upcoming schedule to see what movies will be showing soon. 


Chuck E. Cheese (1st Sunday of the month)

Chuck E. Cheese strives to make sure that all of their guests with special needs, including autism and sensory issues, have a fun time at the restaurant! Chuck E. Cheese is now celebrating Sensory Sensitive Sunday on the 1st of every month, where they open two hours early to accommodate those children with special needs. On Sensory Sensitive Sunday, they turn down the music and reduce background noise for those who need it most so everyone can enjoy themselves without distractions from other patrons around them. 


The Houston Ballet

The Houston Ballet is proud to offer autism-friendly performances for those who have special needs and want a more enjoyable experience. The staff has been trained in how they can modify their performances without compromising on quality, so even those with neurological differences will have something amazing at this ballet!


Special Olympics of Texas

The Special Olympics team in Houston is a great place for kids on the spectrum to get involved with tons of opportunities to have fun and get fit. From local track meets and flag football competitions to bowling and basketball, there’s something for everyone! Check out their Houston schedule and see what fits your loved one!


The Little League Challenger Division

The Little League Challenger Division is a great opportunity for kids who want to play baseball but may not be able to keep up with the hustle of fast-paced leagues. This division can help them learn the basics of playing with others and learning how it feels being on an actual team while still having fun! The little league challenger division has been created just for those children needing some extra support when playing baseball/softball games. The best thing about this division is the peer support where other players, also called “buddies” can be there beside them providing moral guidance while also assisting on the field during playtime so it feels less overwhelming. 



We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of sensory-friendly places in the Greater Houston area. Whether you have a child on the Autism Spectrum or not, it can be difficult to find fun activities that meet everyone’s needs and preferences. But with these options from our local listings directory, we know that your family will enjoy their next outing more than ever! 

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